Our first destination was Hungary. We booked our first apartment in Eger with booking website. It is really easy to use and we never had problems with it. We are choosing affordable apartments with free wifi and parking place for our car. You can also check airbnb.

Our trip there lasted for 6 hours, most of that time was okay, but we did have at least two meltdowns so we agreed that this is too long to travel in one direction and we won’t do it anymore or if we have to we will travel at night when the kids sleep.

Near Eger is this amazing National park full of castles so we decided to go and visit two of them. The road to the first castle was so scary, through mountain forest full of fog. My husband always makes fun of me, but I am super scared of mountain roads, especially when there is a huge chasm on one side. So I kept my eyes closed almost all the way there. And when we finally arrived the castle was closed for visitors. We always check for these things on internet before we go (I advise this strongly when you travel with kids + you can always reserve or buy tickets online too and avoid waiting in line)- but their website wasn’t updated.

We were very disappointed but we decided to still go and see the second castle. And I am so happy we did- because it was amazing (Castle of Boldogkő)

Next day we visited fortress that is in the middle of Eger city center and we has our first lunch in a restaurant as a family of four members. It went great thanks to free wifi and cartoons on the tablet.

Some of my tips for long time in a car fun:

[1] books – bring them and read them to the kids

[2] rattles – put them above your baby

[3] good music – so you can all sing a long

[4] snacks and coffee to go

[5] cartoons – don’t forget your tablet

[6] fun family games – like for example what do you see out of window, be the first to see red (color by choice) car- the one who says it first wins etc..

[7] play dough – this was very helpful and time consuming

[8] mirror for the baby


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